The Tide

by Project Tsunami

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Recorded and Mixed by Jon San Paolo at Electrical Audio Studios (Chicago IL)

Mastered at Sage Audio (Nashville TN)

Produced by Project Tsunami

Project Tsunami "The Tide" line-up is:

Adam Bering - Vocals and Harmonica
Rick Morrissey - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Scott McDaniel - Bass
Joe Schaeffer - Drums and Percussion


released January 31, 2015

Project Tsunami



all rights reserved


Project Tsunami Chicago, Illinois

Project Tsunami strives to deliver quality original rock n’ roll, and consisting of DNA from their rock heroes such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Who.

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Track Name: Frenzy
Anybody can tell you what you want to hear
It makes no difference to me

An Education is Right in front of you
I go all the way

Feel lucky, feel lucky, feel

I, don't mind, if you live to see another day
She won't fight it, If you find another way.

Throw it away, enjoy the frenzy
Track Name: The Secret Weapon
You can't remain
The status quo is so insane, now
You can't keep a secret, now
Who can trust you now

Who's to blame
Privacies revealed in shame, now
Can't tell you anything
Who can trust you now

You can't remain
The bodies cold, reheated again, now
You can't keep a secret, now
Who can trust you with a secret now
Track Name: Punch In The Face
I can't sleep tonight,
I'm wide-awake and I'm ready to fight
I'm red-hot tonight,
Gonna let it out tonight!

I won't let it slide,
Not this time
I won't be denied
Justice is mine

You should be put in your place
You need a punch in the face
You should be put in your place
You need a punch in the face

You should be put in your place
You need a punch in the face!
Track Name: In The End
Foretold in the code,
Follow in your father's footsteps,
Down the road

Save a little time,
Cut a little line,
I wish I had the time to tell you everything

Be with you every day, all night

Foreseen by your queen,
Called to your endeavors,
With fanatic zeal
In between every meal

In our lives,
If you know love,
Then You know heaven on earth
Since i met you
Track Name: The Sheboygan Blues
For the first time,
You needed help just to get it out
Yeah, but the next time,
You couldn't help but let it out

I said, I want everything
You won't give me anything
So I can't love you tonight

I can't stand it
I've got to demand it
I want some love tonight

Track Name: Lockdown
Every time that you lied, when you shot somebody died
Bodies dropping not a word of it getting out
The video shows you did it, but you got acquitted
Justice denied, everybody riots

Find a more peaceful way
Mind it, those boys don’t play
They’ll shoot you down…

Toxic rebound, but not to a person’s mind
All the living on the wild
Anybody without a gun better run 'cause here they come

Yeah, Heave it! (Repeat)
Say Goodnight…

You shoulda’ known, you shoulda’ seen it
Stacking up over the years
But now is the time to set things right
Get together or there'll be more Riots!

You won’t get it, you wont let it
You won't regret it, because we feel so tired
Come on get it, you gonna get it
You won't regret it 'cause we feel so tired

Now is the time we can end it
Every time, your word against mine
Track Name: Frank Beard
Let's get some fun, Get in some action
Go for a ride, We're gonna live tonight
if they're uptight, we’ll kick it roadside
We’ll kick it roadside

Hold on, To what you need
Say goodbye, 'f't don't make you smile
Fly so high, They gonna read about it
They gonna read about it

Only style, bad attitude
Right on time, with the perfect vibe
Get it right, they don’t talk about you.
Set it on fire, They gonna read about it
Its all I want
its all I need
Its all I love

You wanna get it, You can’t forget it, You wanna get some now
You wanna get it, You can’t forget it, You wanna get some now
You wanna get it, You can’t forget it, You gotta get some now
Track Name: Ready 2 Die
Insane, you call
In pain, you're small
Engaged, you crawl
In flames, you fall

It's not too late to try
Live to run and fight
But you want to run and hide
Cause you're ready to die

I know you feel it,
Ain't no ordinary
Track Name: Exile
There's nothing left to try to say
You made your bed it's time to lay
I don't want it, I don't really need it
One shot led astray
Exiled you're on your way

One shot to live the life
One Night then exile

I want you, I don't really need you
I don't want you, I don't really need you
I feel like I'm drowning
Feel like (Repeat)